Need Lighting? American Power’s Lighting Experts Will Help You Select the Right Lamps, Fixtures and Controls 

Advancements in lighting are quickly ushering in a new era of resiliency, sustainability and enhanced design flexibility. New technologies, rising energy costs, awareness of the need for green lighting, and new government guidelines are impacting the market now more than ever.

American Power can help you leverage these changes to maximize your benefit. Our lighting experts have managed thousands of lighting projects, from commercial high-rises and industrial manufacturing plants to stadiums, schools, stores and casinos. This experience, coupled with our key lighting vendor partnerships, allows us to provide the best product options, service, pricing and lighting expertise available in the region.

To support your project needs, our inventory of lighting supplies includes a large selection of lamps, fixtures and controls from leading vendors and value brands for office, warehouse, outdoor, architectural, landscaping, temporary and safety applications.

Our goal is to ensure that we provide you with the best products for your lighting needs, reducing waste and saving you time, labor resources and money.

Need supplies or a solution? American Power is here to help!